Wednesday, March 10, 2010

welcome to the strohm home: the guest list

you heard it here first!  he proposed; i said yes!  and although it's been about six weeks and we haven't planned a thing, we did get around to making a guest list.  you probably know by now that putting together this list is no small feat!  i think we may have lucked out though and had an easier time than most!

we have a great list of 154 friends and family!  we're paying, but we did ask our families for their invite list, and they took it easy on us!  yay! everyone gets to bring a date.  personally i'm against inviting your friends and expecting them to arrive solo.  sure, it might be a little wierd if someone brings a very random date, but giving everyone a +1 ensures they'll have a good time, especially if they don't know many other guests.  where did we draw the line?  kids!  love them, but many of our friends already have one or two (or three), and when we added them all up there were 40 little ones!  so other than his niece and nephews, no kids, cute as they are.

in the end, this potentially difficult task wasn't too bad.  now if we could only find a venue!