Sunday, May 10, 2009

the art of caring

april 29 marked IONA senior service's inaugural fundraising luncheon - the art of caring. due to the changing economic environment, and hoping to do something more in line with its mission, IONA turned away from its typical gala, and hosted a luncheon to showcase their expertise - caregiving.
pringtime centerpieces dotted the grand ballroom at the mayflower hotel. fish bowl centers allowed all 285 guests to deposit donations, receiving notecards specially designed by one of IONA's senior artists.senator Claire McCaskill had to bow out of delivering the keynote speech at the last minute as she was invited to visit Missouri, her native state, with President Obama. fortunately everyone was wowed by her excuse, and like she said, it was a much better one than "the dog ate my homework." she was kind enough though to record her comments, which were played on dvd.

after delicious food and a tear-jerking slide show, everyone departed with a goody bag of treats, carrying with them the message that there truly is an art to caregiving!

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