Monday, October 5, 2009

calling all grooms: should you get your bride a wedding present?

your future mother-in-law may be making hints at this, and you are probably wondering why you’re being thrown another curveball during the wedding planning process. but, yes, it’s fairly traditional for the bride and groom to exchange wedding gifts. you have probably seen this on tv or in a movie—before the wedding, the bride and groom each has someone deliver their gift to the other person—or, being a guy, maybe you have not seen this! some couples decide to exchange gifts at another time, like the day before the wedding, for example. a lot of couples choose to forego this tradition, having just spent a lot of money on the wedding itself. there is no hard and fast rule here, so feel free to be creative.

what should you get the bride? gifts for the bride usually consist of jewelry, and if you want to be very traditional you can get her diamond earrings or a pearl necklace. but this isn’t 1929 anymore, so some grooms throw tradition to the wayside and choose something more affordable and/or appropriate for the bride, like a first edition of her favorite book or private dance lessons. some choose to get something really meaningful like an embroidered handkerchief or simply a beautiful bouquet of roses and a heartfelt hand-written note, or generally just something the groom knows the bride would really enjoy and appreciate. if all else fails, what about something she can do on the honeymoon, or something you can do together, like scuba lessons, or an extravagant dinner. or better yet, a spa day, so she can unwind from the stress of all that wedding planning!

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